Custom Fit

Custom Fit

Published on Friday, August 26, 2016. This article appears in the August/September 2016 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Aristo Eyewear Glasses

Aristo Eyewear glasses

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The 4,000-year-old Japanese art of resist dyeing lends its name to Karmme’s Shibori clutches. The one-of-a-kind bags by Australian designer Imby Langenbach have a tie-dye feel. But the premium Italian leather, plus the meticulous planning behind collaborator Shibori Textiles’ hand-dyed designs, separate these bags from your summer camp T-shirts. 

What happens when a furniture maker faces a sizable setback like a back injury? An unexpected fashion statement in Aristos Eyewear. Using a variety of exotic hardwoods and finishes, Pennsylvania woodworker Ken Swanson scales down the lines of classic furniture to a wearable size that stands out without going out of style. 

Drew Storm Graham designed SwitchWood bow ties with interchangeable parts to allow for maximum customization. Customers can select the fabric, wood, and shape of their tie or purchase a set with built-in options. Made in Virginia from sustainably harvested and untreated wood, no two bow ties are alike. 

Look under the “colorful shoes for men” tab on Peppe Shoes’ website, and you’ll find a rainbow of handmade leather kicks. Purchase ready-made designs from these Polish makers such as the Modello Vomero boots, or select the texture, color, stitching style, and laces to make your own unique pair. 

For the Katharine Hepburns of the world, Tradlands pairs masculine designs with a feminine fit to create comfortable, sophisticated apparel. Inspired by designers Sadie and Jeremy Roberts’ coast-to-coast journeys and sewn on American soil, the San Francisco clothing line is steeped in American tradition.